How to Drought Proof Your Garden

drought proof your garden flower



Is it irresponsible to water your garden during the drought?

Considering the effects trees and gardens have on reducing temperatures and providing wildlife habitat the answer is a resounding ….NO!


Trees can reduce temperatures by an average of 10 Degrees Celcius, that’s cheaper than air-conditioning and better for the climate.


Here’s an easy list of things to do to help with your time and budget…

– have a cool shower with your indoor pot plant


– install water tanks to store runoff…..many sizes and capacities for small to large spaces

– drip irrigation from your local irrigation shop … they can give expert advice on what to buy and DIY


– mulch and more mulch… the best type to use is leaf mulch like the forest floor, as it has leaves, twigs and chips. Just wood chip can cause ‘nitrogen draw down’ in plants, so you then spend lots of money fertilising!


– wetting agents – either granules or wetting solution from your local hardware store


– LOOK up Sydney Water’s website for the do’s and don’ts of the current water restrictions for your landscape garden Sydney


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