4 Costly Mistakes to Avoid In Landscape Design


4 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Garden and Landscape Design in Sydney


We all love to watch the reality TV shows, filling our imaginations with an instant garden. But how real is the outcome?

As a landscape architect, I see my clients at two stages. One is the at beginning of their landscape design journey, and the other is at the end. The question is why would you need a designer at the end?  It should all be finished and lived in.

The stage at the end is always the most distressing for my new client, because their journey has gone ‘’pear shaped’’ and they ring me asking for help.

Most people start their landscape journey with fabulous images, dreaming of their garden paradise. This is a great way to start, but the only way to progress is through the design process, as yes, designing a garden landscape is a process, if the outcome is to be best suited to the home and budget.

1.  The first mistake to avoid is not getting an experienced professional –this could be a landscape architect or designer,  building draftsman or engineer as part of the design team.
2.  The second mistake is not doing adequate research. This will avoid costly mistakes down the track –these could be council regulations, legal issues, soil and plant requirements specifically for your project.
3.  The third mistake to avoid is not doing costings throughout the design process. So in the end you can actually construct the final landscape design within your budget .
4.  The fourth mistake to avoid is not checking the insurances and licences for contractors before construction commences .



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