Collaborative Design Lab with
Angela Maroney

Learn how to master your business skills with your own capabilities, plus resources to help you in your landscaping business.

Why Join the
Collaborative Design Lab?

  • Are you looking for a place to keep up to date with current trends?
  • Connect with other landscape designers.
  • Learn from one of the best in the business.

Then the Collaborative Design Lab is where you need to be. A place for new graduates, and seasoned professionals to learn and share their expertise.

You can join us on Facebook and keep up to date with our lunchtime bites sessions, or ask questions. 

There’s always something to learn and share.

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Elevate Your Skills and Excel on Your Landscape Journey with my Professional Coaching

Elevate Your Skills and Excel on Your Landscape Journey with my Professional Coaching The landscape industry presents a unique set of challenges for professionals, whether you are a fresh graduate
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Keep your Clients Happy & Avoid Landscaping Disputes

INDUSTRY Keep your Clients Happy & Avoid Landscaping Disputes Your Landscape Journey – Industry Avoiding Conflicts & Disputes with Clients It is always desirable to keep your clients happy and
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Future Proof Your Garden Renovation - Mini Course

Create a garden that's both stunning and environmentally friendly.

  • Overcome weather challenges and witness your outdoor space flourish.

  • Create a garden that thrives in your specific climate.

  • Set your home apart with a garden transformation that’s not only beautiful but can boost your property’s value

My mini-course is designed to help you address these issues and many more in the process.

  • Learn sustainable gardening practices that benefit both your garden and the planet.
  • Whether you face scorching summers or freezing winters, my course equips you with year-round solutions
  • My strategies fit seamlessly with any garden style, so your unique vision is always honoured.

Don't wait until your garden is crying out for help,


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