Let me guide you on 
Your Landscape Journey 

Guide and empower you to achieve your garden oasis to restore you and your family’s’ well being.

Suggestions for your 1:1 consultation are: garden renovation, design concepts, styling ideas, planting suggestions.

The session is yours, to address whatever you think is a priority, with guidance by Angela to achieve the best outcomes for DIY, as collaboration will give you the best result.

Types of virtual sessions, depending on area and size to be discussed.

Questionnaire will be sent through, to be returned before session commences.

Notes will be taken during the session and returned to you via email at completion.

1 x 90- minutes consultation via Zoom.

Using Nearmap satellite imaging (not to scale) for design changes.

Choosing one location for example -alfresco, courtyard, children’s’ play area or pool surrounds.

$650 inc GST
Includes concept and plant ideas, styling ideas for furniture.

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